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Merry Christmas!

Lighted Boat Parade Pics & Video

Dec. 22, 2012 we were part of the Punta Gorda Isles Lighted Boat Parade - a real THRILL!!

There's my hubby as we prepare to leave with our good friends! The day was chilly by SW Florida standards.

We all got Santa Hats as we headed out with Captain John at the helm of the 35 ' sailboat!

The parade of 50 lighted vessels was lead by the Coastguard and Coastguard Santa!

We were the second vessel - right behind this ANGEL boat.

This sailboat featured a train under a Christmas Tree and leaping dolphins!

This boat had a really tall mast and lovely star design!

The parade route was thru canals. Vacant lots were PACKED with spectators all bundled up!

Residents generally decorate the canal-side of their homes.

This is a catamaran sailboat named PIG PEN, so they carried through the pig theme!

Shore decorations!

This home had OVER THE TOP blue decorations! WOW!

Frosty on a boat. My simple camera didn't really capture the lights. I wish you could have seen the beauty of all the lights reflecting in the canals, and music, and shouting of GOOD CHEER. It was a WONDERFUL adventure!!! My dear DAD sure would be happy I was in the Lighted Boat Parade! Below is a video by Denise Lindsey. We are the second boat, following the JOY boat at 4:08 minutes on the video. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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