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Braden River Paddle

I left my craft desk and headed out with our friends in the Punta Gorda Boat Club for a paddle on the Braden River, launching from the Linger Lodge Campgrounds in Bradenton, FL (WEST coast) The weather was a pleasant 72 degrees!

The little sandy spot on the left bank is a PERFECT Alligator sunning location. I personally do not like to see an alligator while I'm in my tiny, little vinyl kayak! However, they are wild animal and disappear quickly when they see humans.

We saw LOTS of turtles, some bigger than dinner plates. I also saw a huge flock of Robins feasting on berries, getting fueled to fly north.


Into the UNIQUE "Linger Lodge" for lunch. Founded 1945. This sign is made of SNAKES! This is "old Florida," a term that means off the beaten path and well-woren!

You HAD to have a sense of humor when you read this menu..."where the food bites back!" Click on the picture to view a largre version that you can read easily.

I felt like I was being "watched" while I ate! Taxidermy everywhere!

Boring Boar and Bambi's Butt!100_3252
This guy didn't leave a "tip!"

 If you'd like to know more about unique Linger Lodge & Campgrounds here is the website:


These pictures make me long for spring! I just spent an hour shoveling snow from Winter Storm Rocky. And it's still snowing! I'm glad you don't have to deal with this anymore.

Looks so nice to be paddling down a river :) Funny menu, cool turtle, alligators would make me nervous too :) What did you have for lunch? Pit Bull Pot Pie ?

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